American Airlines’ Leadership Team Talks Present And Future

By Chris Sloan Feb 08, 2023
American Airlines executives set out their strategy.
Airlines & Lessors

Interview With American Airlines CEO Robert Isom

By Chris Sloan Feb 08, 2023
Robert Isom, both an old hand and a new leader at American, exudes calm confidence in the airline’s future.
Airlines & Lessors

Podcast: The Incredible, Iconic Boeing 747

By Karen Walker Feb 03, 2023
Aviation Week editors talk about being at the delivery ceremony of the last Boeing 747 and why it is such an important aircraft.
Air Transport

Commentary: Six Must-Do’s For A Startup Low-Cost Carrier

Arvind Chandrasekhar and Wasiq Khurshid Jan 30, 2023
As the industry recovers from the COVID-19 crisis, it is clear that LCCs and hybrid LCCs have shown more resilience.

From The Editors: Major Upcoming Changes To Routes And ATW

Jan 27, 2023
Karen Walker and David Casey outline the improvements coming soon to Air Transport World and Routes magazines and Digests.
Air Transport

Interview: Pegasus Airlines CEO On Growth And Gender Diversity

By Kurt Hofmann Jan 27, 2023
Pegasus Airlines, an LCC, has become Turkey’s second-largest carrier and is in growth mode.
Airlines & Lessors

Gulf LCCs' Success Shows Middle East Passengers Like A Bargain

By Alan Dron Jan 26, 2023
As in most areas of the globe, LCCs are expanding steadily in Saudi Arabia.
Airlines & Lessors

Podcast: What’s Ahead For European Carriers?

By Victoria Moores Jan 26, 2023
From consolidation and summer operations to greenwashing and policy shifts, Altair Advisory’s Patrick Edmond joins to discuss what's next for European airlines.
Window Seat Podcast

Editorial: Modernizing FAA Has Become A Critical Need

By Karen Walker Jan 24, 2023
The world was shocked when an outage of its Notices to Air Missions (NOTAMs) system forced FAA to issue a national domestic flight ground stop.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Analysis: Why Airlines Are Pursuing More Codeshares And Alliances

By Karen Walker Jan 24, 2023
Turn the page back just a few years, and cynicism was creeping in about the value of the global alliances and whether they had grown too big.
Airlines & Lessors

SAF Explainer: Your Key Questions Answered

By Graham Warwick Jan 20, 2023
Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is a critical enabler for airlines progressing to their goal of achieving carbon net-zero emissions by 2050.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Airbus Pursues Multiple Technology Paths Toward Greener Aircraft

By Thierry Dubois Jan 20, 2023
Airbus invests in technology and partnerships to meet the sustainability challenge.
Aircraft & Propulsion

SAF Production Infrastructure In Asia Needs To Grow

By Chen Chuanren Jan 20, 2023
There are multiple sustainability efforts across Asia, but access to more green fuel is still the most pressing need
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Partnering With Sellers Is Crucial To Powering NDC

By Henry Canaday Jan 20, 2023
Post-COVID, airlines are restarting investment in IATA’s New Distribution Channel.
Airlines & Lessors

A New Step Is Launched To Fast-Track Improvements In Airline Retailing

By Victoria Moores Jan 20, 2023
When IATA launched its New Distribution Capability (NDC) in 2012, it was heralded as a way for airlines to take greater control of their products.
Airlines & Lessors

CEO Interview: Frontier’s Barry Biffle

Michael Bell Jan 20, 2023
Denver-based ultra-LCC Frontier Airlines had an interesting 2022.
Airlines & Lessors

A Template For How An Airline Can Fast-Track Sustainability Pathway

By Helen Massy-Beresford Jan 19, 2023
Air France-KLM is role model for multipronged sustainability strategy.
Airlines & Lessors

Why Sustainability Is A Smart Strategy For Airports

By David Casey Jan 19, 2023
Airports are getting smarter about using sustainability as a business tool.
Airports & Networks

Cabins Are A Relatively New Focus For Emissions Reductions

By Linda Blachly Jan 19, 2023
Emissions savings from cabins are difficult to locate, but important to overall goals.
Interiors & Connectivity

Why Sustainability Goals Mean Smaller Aircraft Antennas

By Linda Blachly Jan 19, 2023
More companies, including airlines and those in the aviation supply chain, are requiring documentation around environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.
Interiors & Connectivity

Cabin Product Recycling Takes A Whole-Picture Approach

By Linda Blachly Jan 19, 2023
Circularity is being applied to cabin product recycling.
Interiors & Connectivity

How To Make A Business Case In Aircraft Recycling

By Thierry Dubois Jan 19, 2023
A French company works through the complicated business of aircraft recycling.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Sustainability Special Report

Jan 19, 2023
Airlines will need “all the resources we can muster” to finance the “enormous energy transition” that the industry is embarked on to meet its target.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

CEO Interview: Ethiopian Airlines’ Mesfin Tasew

By Kurt Hofmann Jan 19, 2023
Mesfin Tasew became CEO at Ethiopian Airlines in March following the early retirement of Tewolde GebreMariam because of health issues.
Airlines & Lessors

Podcast: Growing Airline Connections

By Karen Walker Jan 19, 2023
After a decline in alliances, every airline now seems ready to either renew a partnership or start a new one. Why is collaboration back in vogue?
Air Transport