COMMENTARY: Sabre’s Continuing Relationship With Aeroflot Should End

Patrick Edmond Apr 20, 2022
The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to sanctions, airspace bans, the illegal expropriation of hundreds of leased aircraft, and the withdrawal en masse of Western companies from the Russian market.
Air Transport

Partnerships Aim To Increase SAF Production

By Linda Blachly Apr 18, 2022
The 27 European Union member nations and 15 other countries have signed a declaration they hope sets the stage for a long-term aspirational goal on…

Why Condor CEO Is Confident For The Leisure Carrier’s Future

By Jens Flottau Apr 18, 2022
Few would have been surprised to see Condor give up over the past three years. The German leisure carrier has endured more drama and upheavals than…
Airlines & Lessors

Podcast: Green Ambitions: Etihad CEO Tony Douglas Outlines Sustainability Efforts

By Karen Walker Apr 14, 2022
Listen in as Etihad CEO Tony Douglas sits down with Aviation Week's Karen Walker to discuss a range of topics, including how the airline is striving to become more sustainable.

Turkish LCC Pegasus Runs A Different Course

By Alan Dron Apr 13, 2022
Turkish LCC Pegasus Airlines is proof that a healthy cash balance and strong domestic market are much more than nice-to-haves. If the COVID-19…
Airlines & Lessors

US Regional Airlines Battle For Pilots

By Ben Goldstein Apr 13, 2022
US domestic capacity in 2022 is returning to 2019 levels, but this follows the early retirements in 2020 and 2021 of thousands of flight crew. The…
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Can The Latest Version Of Alitalia Compete On A Long-Haul Model?

By Alan Dron Apr 13, 2022
Italy is a major European market, but one increasingly dominated by non-Italian LCCs. New Italian flag carrier ITA Airways says it is determined not…
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Airlines, Governments Must Fundamentally Change Air Transport Model

CAPA - Centre for Aviation Apr 08, 2022
Change in the airline industry can’t be avoided, given its parlous financial position, the manifestations of COVID anticipated and the impact of…
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DATA SNAPSHOT: US Airline 2021 Fuel Consumption

Apr 08, 2022
US Bureau of Transportation Statistics data for US scheduled and non-scheduled carriers show that total fuel consumption in 2021 was 32% higher than…
Safety, Ops & Regulation

DATA SNAPSHOT: World’s Top 10 Airports in 2021 by Passenger

Apr 08, 2022
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL) reclaimed its status as the world’s busiest airport in 2021 when it handled 75.5 million passengers. That number…
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Podcast: UK Air Travel: A Perfect Storm Of COVID And Chaos

By Karen Walker Apr 08, 2022
As demand for air travel returns, why have some airports and airlines in the UK struggled to ramp up operations accordingly? Aviation Week air transport editors discuss how we got here and whether the chaos was inevitable or avoidable.
Air Transport

ATW 2022 Award Winners Span The Globe

Mar 31, 2022
Air Transport World has announced the 10 winners of its 2022 ATW Airline Industry Achievement Awards.
Air Transport

Podcast: Masks Off?

By Karen Walker Mar 31, 2022
In this first episode of Aviation Week Network's new air transport podcast, Window Seat, editors discuss the fast-changing attitudes and rules related to mask wearing in airports and onboard airliners.
Air Transport

Cabin And Seat Suppliers See A Return Of Interest In Refits

By Linda Blachly Mar 30, 2022
When Finnair made a €200 million ($250 million) investment to upgrade its premium economy and business cabin products, neither the airline nor the…
Interiors & Connectivity

Alaska Airlines Wins ATW Airline Of The Year Accolade

Mar 22, 2022
Alaska Airlines has been named the 2022 Air Transport World Airline of the Year.
Air Transport

EDITORIAL: Align Air Travel Mask Rules With Those On Ground

By Karen Walker Mar 22, 2022
For air travel to return to a more normal experience, it must look and feel close to what people experience on the ground. That’s especially true of…
Safety, Ops & Regulation

ANALYSIS: Russia’s War In Ukraine Has Long-Reaching Implications

By Karen Walker Mar 22, 2022
A major war in Europe on top of a global pandemic might be thought of as a double black swan hit. In truth, and based on not-too-distant history,…
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How Business Air Travel Is Changing

By Alan Dron Mar 01, 2022
Business travelers and corporate travel managers are coming to terms with new factors that are enabling work trips to make a comeback, but which are also making journeys more complicated.
Air Transport

Industry Sets Sights on Net-Zero Emissions Targets

By Helen Massy-Beresford Feb 28, 2022
Newer and more stringent net-zero carbon targets are being coupled with actions that will significantly change what it means to be a sustainable airline.
Emerging Technologies

Sudan Airways Sees Potential For Growth And Hub

By Kurt Hofmann Feb 28, 2022
Khartoum hub plan is central to Sudan Airways growth.
Airlines & Lessors

How Singapore Is Working To Be A South East Asia SAF Hub

Chen Chuarnren Feb 28, 2022
Singapore plays the long game to become sustainable fuel hub.

CAPA: Ranking Airlines By RPK Carbon Efficiency

Feb 23, 2022
Where do airlines sit on the carbon RPK efficiency curve?
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Airlines Should Priotirize A Clean-Looking Cabin Over Disinfecting

By Linda Blachly Feb 23, 2022
Are airlines investing in the right cabin health and safety protocols?
Maintenance & Training

COMMENTARY: Why Airlines Should Embrace Customer-Centric Technology

Tye Radcliffe Feb 22, 2022
At the IATA Digital, Data and Retailing Symposium in Madrid, the same concept kept appearing in many of the sessions: customer-centricity. There was a lot of talk about making it the number one priority. While that sounds great, what does it mean in practice?
ATW Opinion

Why There’s A Sense Of Optimism For African Aviation

By Alan Dron Feb 14, 2022
Is the continent’s long-proclaimed potential turning into reality?
Airlines & Lessors