Honeywell's Quantum Leap: Takeoff To Autonomous Flight

Sponsored By Honeywell Dec 06, 2021
With Honeywell's recent announcement of the all new Honeywell Anthem integrated avionics system, the company has not only laid the groundwork for proliferation of single pilot commercial and, eventually, autonomous aircraft operations, but has exponentially expanded the paradigm for so-called "integrated" avionics systems.
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Rising To Meet All Your Aerospace Needs

Sponsored By MSC Industrial Supply Co Dec 01, 2021
No matter where you are in the aerospace supply chain, MSC has solutions that can help your business soar.  More than just a distributor, MSC can provide support for the most advanced applications of metalworking.

Solving The Challenge Of Ozone Degradation In Air Separation Modules

Sponsored by Eaton Dec 01, 2021
Ozone is a powerful oxidant that can degrade a key fuel tank inerting system component, the Air Separation Module (ASM), causing it to fail. Learn how Eaton engineered a solution to meet this challenge.

Webinar: The Future Of Aerospace In Asia-Pacific

Nov 29, 2021
This webinar took place on November 29, 2021. Military tensions are on the rise, and the commercial airline industry has gone through fits and starts…

Vietjet Prepares To Recapture International Market Share

Sponsored By Vietjet Nov 26, 2021
As Vietnam’s largest airline in terms of the total number of passengers transported domestically, Vietjet is ready to take back its share in the global aviation map.
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ATR Looks To Make Embraer’s Regional Market Entry Challenging

Nov 24, 2021
ATR moves to upgraded powerplant as Embraer turboprop talks continue.

2031 Global Military Aircraft Fleet Expected To Increase By 5.1%

Nov 24, 2021
The global fleet of military aircraft is expected to increase by 5.1% by the end of 2031, rising from 54,497 in 2021 to 57,266.
Defense and Space

$135 Billion Military Aircraft Market Opportunities Expected Over The Next Decade

Nov 23, 2021
Aviation Week Network’s new 2022 Military Fleet and MRO Forecast has identified open opportunities for the supply of 3,584 new-build military aircraft worth $134.8 billion over the next decade.
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Unlocking Value through Predictive Maintenance

Nov 23, 2021
By unlocking the potential of digital technologies, airlines can carry out operations that are safer, smarter, more efficient and resilient.

Methods To Safely Modernize Critical Infrastructure

Sponsored By Verizon Nov 19, 2021
As a key provider of critical networking infrastructure to industry and government, Verizon routinely faces a set of complex challenges in…
Air Transport

Singapore Airshow, Aviation Week Network Enter Strategic Partnership

Nov 16, 2021
Singapore Airshow, Asia’s most influential aerospace and defense event, concluded a strategic media and knowledge partnership with Aviation Week Network, the largest multimedia information and services provider for the global aviation, aerospace, and defense industries.

The Pratt & Whitney GTF™ engine

Sponsored by Pratt & Whitney Nov 14, 2021
There is no equal. There is only one. The commercial jet engine in a league of its own. Powered by an industry-first geared architecture — and more than 40 other groundbreaking innovations — the Pratt & Whitney GTF™ is unlike any engine that's come before it. Explore the future of flight.
Dubai Airshow

Eyes in the Sky: From Surveillance to Farming to Conservation

Sponsored By Singapore Airshow Nov 09, 2021
Drones have risen to prominence for both commercial and industrial purposes. Explore some of these current inventive drone applications!

Routine COVID-19 Testing to Enable Safe Air Travel

Sponsored By Thermo Fisher Scientific Nov 09, 2021
With the recent increase in air travel, the availability of accessible testing methods, including routine coronavirus testing, is critical to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep travelers safe. Download this paper to learn more.
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KC-46A To Account For 18.8% Of In-Service Global Tankers By 2030

Nov 09, 2021
Aviation Week Network projections show the KC-46A fleet growing from 52 aircraft at present to 193 by 2030.
Defense and Space

Airbus, Boeing China Airline Orders Backlog Shrinking

Nov 04, 2021
China has been a major driver of growth for Boeing and Airbus in the 2020s, but sees no urgency to buy more aircraft.
Aircraft & Propulsion

What Boeing And Airbus Expect To See In Widebody Recovery

Nov 04, 2021
This is an abbreviated version of the article “Airbus And Boeing Expect Slow Widebody Demand Recovery” by Jens Flottau and Guy Norris from Aviation…

Verizon Director of Security Joe Folk Speaks on Modernizing Federal Government Cybersecurity

Sponsored By Verizon Nov 03, 2021
Cybersecurity threats against government agencies' are rapidly evolving, with spikes in ransomware, insider, and supply-chain attacks. In their ongoing modernization efforts, these agencies are seeking outside expertise to more securely harden their networks. Verizon says it's uniquely qualified for this role, by dint of its own network being part of the national critical infrastructure.
Air Transport

Crossover Jets Practice Niche Marketing In Europe

By Bernie Baldwin Nov 03, 2021
Niches. Every entrepreneur and business tries to find them and exploit them, particularly when they have a product developed to match that market…
Crossover Narrowbody Jets

Aviation Recovery Banks On Long-Term Resilience

Sponsored By Singapore Airshow Nov 03, 2021
Supporting the global aviation recovery needs platforms such as Singapore Airshow, where aviation players can come together and collaborate to overcome uncharted challenges.

Verification Management

Sponsored By Siemens Digital Industries Software Nov 01, 2021
This white paper discusses integrating verification and certification to accelerate product delivery.

Cool Heads In A Hot Market

Sponsored by Henkel Oct 29, 2021
Henkel's global head of strategy, Ruairi O'Kane, talks to Aviation Week about the technical and financial challenges facing the nascent urban air…

Keeping Your Engine Fleet Serviceable At All Times

Sponsored By MTU Maintenance Oct 28, 2021
Whether you want to optimize time on-wing to keep your fleet flying, rotate assets to generate the most green-time or carry out full shop visits to…

WEBINAR: Silicones for the Emerging Space Ecosystem

Sponsored By Dow Silicones Oct 26, 2021
Now available on-demand! In this webinar you will learn how silicones are advancing the rapidly growing space ecosystem, and how their inherent…
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WEBINAR: Automating Gaps In Your Existing Operational Software Systems

Sponsored By ELP Aviation Oct 26, 2021
Available On-demand! Working in outdated spreadsheets just isn't cutting it these days. Aviation personnel from payroll, training, scheduling, and…
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