Webinar: Sustainable Aviation Fuels for Airlines: The Path Forward

This webinar took place on Tuesday, Jul. 12 2022.

Alternative jet fuels from sustainable sources are critical to near-term goals to significantly reduce airliner carbon emissions. There is huge momentum worldwide to increase the availability and affordability of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Discussing the latest developments and challenges is a panel of experts that includes the head of sustainability at a major airline group, the chief sustainability officer at a SAF supplier, the leader of a coalition dedicated to the development and deployment of SAF, and a senior technology editor who has been covering SAF development for more than a decade.

Among talking topics they will address are how to grow the SAF supply chain and SAF pathways; the government and political policies that are needed; and progress on being able to fly commercial airliners on 100% SAF versus SAF/jet fuel blends.

Watch the full recording above. 

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