2050 Net-Zero Emissions: What Are Countries Around The World Doing?

In 2009, when the airline industry committed to cutting its carbon emissions in half by 2050, it was seen as a global front-runner. It was the first industry to commit to an ambitious target before others even acknowledged that there was a climate change problem. Since then, however, the goals set by air transport have been overtaken by reality and become a problem themselves. In short, the situation indicates that the airlines were not prepared to do enough to fight for environmental sustainability.
It is unknown how many hours Willie Walsh, the director-general of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), has spent on the phone,  handling Zoom videoconference calls or in Microsoft Teams meetings—or even on aeroplanes—in his struggle to convince IATA members that what they planned 12 years ago is no longer good enough. But, in the end, Walsh has managed to bring a large majority of IATA member carriers behind the idea that airlines need to be in line with the climate goals set for many economies at large, including those of the EU and the U.S. The airline industry is now aiming for a net-zero emissions target to be reached by 2050.
Take a look at some of the things countries are doing to help reach that target.



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