Data Tool: 2023 MRO Opportunities To Service European Operators

Credit: MTU Aero Engines

Engine overhauls and C checks will comprise the largest share of MRO opportunities to service European operators in 2023.

For major commercial aircraft, Aviation Week Network's MRO Prospector predicts there will be 1,758 engine overhauls for European operators, comprising $8.6 billion in value. Aviation Week data also shows there will be 2,005 C checks for European operators, comprising $641 million in value.

Meanwhile, it is forecasted that demand will be 503 D checks and 409 main landing gear overhauls.

Aviation Week Network's MRO Prospector predicts servicing opportunities for major service events and how much associated dollar demand occurs using current, internal fleet data containing utilization hours and cycles. It projects future utilization through its forecasting algorithms, and triggers event counts using a combination of OEM standard schedules and proprietary forecasting algorithms based on MRO experiences.


Source: Aviation Week Network’s MRO Prospector

Prachi Patel

Prachi Patel is a London-based Associate Editor for Aviation Week's MRO editorial team. She writes news articles and designs data infographics for Aviation Week's commercial aftermarket output.