MedAire Unveils Crew Check Feature, API With Medical, Security Intel

Credit: MedAire

ORLANDO—MedAire announced two new products during NBAA-BACE 2022, including the offer of its medical and security intelligence data through a catalog of Application Program Interfaces (API) that integrates directly with a flight department’s systems and the addition of Crew Check as an add-on security feature to its MedAire360 Portal, a product announced at last year’s show. 

In addition, attendees to NBAA-BACE are able to listen to MedAire’s inflight calls from commercial aviation operations live through headphones at its exhibit #1357 as cases unfold. MedAire is demonstrating its MedAire360 Portal, which depicts country, city and airport incidents and alerts combined with detailed airspace risks by altitude. The portal also allows users to upload flight routes and track fleet movement to provide a health and security risk profile of their mission. 

“International travel has rebounded from the pandemic with new challenges, increasing the need for real-time inflight medical assistance as well as security support at travelers’ destinations,” says MedAire Worldwide CEO Bill Dolny. MedAire receives more than 300 calls a day from business aviation and commercial aviation clients, both preflight to assess a passenger’s wellness before boarding an aircraft and inflight when a medical emergency arises. MedLink doctors are emergency room-trained as well as trained in aviation medicine and altitude physiology. 

Besides the offer of medical assistance, MedAire’s Crew Check helps operators understand and assess their risk exposure during travel. Operators receive alerts with advice and can then alert contacts associated with an aircraft or crew affected by the alert and request a crew check-in with one click, officials say. If assistance is needed, operators may send crew members’ details and information directly to MedAire.

“We understand how important crew safety is to business aviation operators today,” says Dolny. “The Crew Check feature will identify threats that may affect your crew anywhere in the world in a timely manner and add a layer of security that could be vital in a crisis situation.”

Crew Check allows operators to track multiple conversations, response and follow-ups as needed and to archive the communication for future reference if needed.  

At the same time, MedAire data from its library of medical and security information will give clients critical advice when planning or reacting to possible threats to their operations, officials say.  MedAire updates its library regularly through a team of medical and security analysts.

Collins Aerospace, a supplier of aerospace and defense products, is the first to enable the service, which gives the company up-to-date assessments of COVID-19 risks and restrictions that affect their planned travel destinations. 

“The partnership with Collins is the first example of the next evolution of our service,” Dolny says. “For over 35 years, our content and expert advice has been available to clients 24/7 through our portal and app or by calling our Assistance Centers. Today, with Collins, we are connecting our clients to our unparalleled content by directly integrating with the tools they already use to plan and support their operations.” 

By pushing the data directly to software clients for trip planning, clients can make instantaneous decisions, he says.

“This real-time visibility of medical and security threats significantly improves a flight department’s risk mitigation capabilities,” Dolny says. 

Molly McMillin

Molly McMillin, a 25-year aviation journalist, is managing editor of business aviation for the Aviation Week Network and editor-in-chief of The Weekly of Business Aviation, an Aviation Week market intelligence report.