Gulfstream Adds G280 Cabin, Cockpit Enhancements

With significant avionics improvements on the G280, Gulfstream is reiterating its commitment to the super-midsize segment.

Gulfstream Aerospace has added new cabin and cockpit enhancements to the super-midsize G280 it builds with Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI).

The G280 can now be equipped with a plasma ionization system that emits positive and negative oxygen ions to neutralize airborne allergens and pathogens. The G280 cabin seats up to 10 passengers.

Gulfstream already provides the plasma ionization system as standard equipment on N-registered G650/G650ER large-cabin jets. The system is also available for retrofit on G650/G650ER, G550, G450 and GV models, and is supplied on the G500/G600 and future G700 jets.

Customers who choose a V3.6.1 avionics upgrade of the PlaneView 280 flight deck, which is based on the Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion system, will gain new features including SiriusXM graphical weather with real-time updates, dual electronic charts, and a surface management system that alerts pilots to unsafe ground and arrival operations and helps prevent runway incursions. Access is also provided to vertical weather and predictive wind-shear information.

In addition to the avionics enhancements, Gulfstream has increased the G280’s RVSM height-monitoring validation intervals to 96 months from 24 months. The aircraft is also now FANS-E compliant for en route controller-pilot data link communications, the manufacturer said.

Powered by twin Honeywell HTF7250G turbofans, each rated at 7,624 lb. takeoff thrust, the G280 has a maximum range of 3,600 nm at a long-range cruise speed of Mach 0.80. While capable of seating 10 passengers, the jet typically carries four passengers with full fuel to maximum range. The 2021 factory-new list price of the G280 is $24.5 million, according to Aviation Week's Aircraft Bluebook.

IAI assembles the G280 in Israel, then flies green aircraft to Gulfstream’s mid-cabin completion center at Dallas Love Field for finishing and painting. Gulfstream announced the 200th delivery of a G280 in June 2020 and now says it has delivered 220 of the jets.

“We are seeing tremendous demand for the G280, further proving the aircraft is the high-performing super-midsize leader,” said Gulfstream President Mark Burns. “We remain confident in the G280’s proven track record and are committed to investing in enhancements that further increase the benefits it offers customers.”

Burns reiterated Gulfstream’s commitment to building the G280, its smallest product, during a briefing for reporters in mid-September. “We continue to be committed to the 280,” he said. “Super-midsize airplanes will continue to be part of our portfolio.”

Bill Carey

Based in Washington, D.C., Bill covers business aviation and advanced air mobility for Aviation Week Network. A former newspaper reporter, he has also covered the airline industry, military aviation, commercial space and unmanned aircraft systems. He is the author of 'Enter The Drones, The FAA and UAVs in America,' published in 2016.