Podcast: Why Lufthansa Opted Against Outside LHT Investment

Listen in as Aviation Week's James Pozzi, Jens Flottau and Kurt Hofmann discuss Lufthansa Group abandoning plans for outside investment in Lufthansa Technik and what this means for the future growth of the MRO unit.

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Rush Transcript

To follow.

James Pozzi

As Aviation Week's MRO Editor EMEA, James Pozzi covers the latest industry news from the European region and beyond. He also writes in-depth features on the commercial aftermarket for Inside MRO.

Jens Flottau

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Jens is executive editor and leads Aviation Week Network’s global team of journalists covering commercial aviation.

Kurt Hofmann

Kurt Hofmann has been writing on the airline industry for 25 years. He appears frequently on Austrian, Swiss and German television and broadcasting…