Commercial Editor's Picks

1. Jeffrey Reynolds
Rancho Cucamonga, California

A DC-10 owned and operated by “10 Tanker” drops a retardant line over the Shasta Forest in Northern California in support of ground resources. This blaze, named the “Helena Fire,” would claim more than 70 homes and over 20,000 acres.

2. Matthias Geiger
Oberuzwil, Switzerland

A Smartwings Boeing 737 crossing the full Moon on its way from Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, to Prague.

3. Vladimir Voronov
Moscow, Russia

A Tajik Air Boeing 767-332 appears to be translucent in this time exposure.


4. Robert Graves
Brentwood, Tennessee

A view from the wheel well of a Boeing 737 parked in Las Vegas.

5. Matthias Geiger
Oberuzwil, Switzerland

A Swiss Boeing 777 breaks through the clouds after takeoff
while making a turn over Zurich Airport en route to Los Angeles.

6. Ognyan Stefanov
Sofia, Bulgaria

Balloon preparation is underway for a flight at sunset.

Space Editor's Picks

1. Sam Sun
San Diego, California

A Falcon 9 rises through the fog at Vandenberg AFB, California, carrying
the Iridium NEXT satellites, as seen
from an altitude of about 12,500 ft.

2. Josh Valcarcel
Houston, Texas

NASA astronaut Stan Love practices contingency egress from the Orion side hatch while Orion’s post-landing
survival equipment subsystem manager Cody Kelly observes hardware performance in a moderate sea state.

3. Stephane Corvaja
Paris, France

Ariane 5 Flight VA233 launches with a Galileo satellite. 

4. Ben Cooper
Orlando, Florida

Pictured through the giant arms of the Mobile Service Tower, a United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket, carrying the WGS-8 satellite for the U.S. Air Force, roars away from Launch Complex 37B at
Cape Canaveral.


Defense Editor's Picks

1. Jessica Voruda
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels are seen in morning light at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh during the 2017 Experimental Aircraft Association AirVenture.

2. Rene Vink
Enschede, Netherlands

An Airbus A400M splashes through water at Twente Airport, Enschede, Netherlands, for tests on a very wet runway.

3. Ben Ullings
Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands

A search-and-rescue Sokol W.3 helicopter and an emergency response sea vessel take part in Spanish Canary Islands government exercises off the Gran Canaria coast.

4. Scott Stephens
Meridian, Mississippi

An NAS Meridian T-45 weathers a night of multiple storms while staged at Key Field, Meridian.


General Aviation Editor's Picks

1. Daniel Stahl
Greenville, Texas

A new arrival is greeted with a two-water-cannon
salute at Majors Airport near Greenville.

2. Alastair Robertson
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Two TF-51D Mustangs are seen over East Lake Tohopekaliga, Florida, heading for home base at Kissimmee, Florida.


More Editor's Picks

1. Dylan Schwartz
Los Angeles, California


2. Ben Ullings
Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands

3. Christian Russell
Christchurch, New Zealand

4. Bill Ingalls
Arlington, Virginia

5. Alexis Bechtel
Chatsworth, California

6. Bryan Dudas
Lynden, Washington

7. Steve Zimmermann
Broomfield, Colorado

8. Uldis Pelna
Riga, Latvia

9. Michael Seeley
Melbourne, Florida

10. Andrew Zaback
Egg Harbor City, New Jersey


Correction: The spelling of Steve Zimmermann's name was initially incorrect.