Turkish Aerospace Industries’ Anka medium-altitude, long-endurance UAV is being readied for service with the Turkish Air Force. The first serial-production Anka-S, which will use a satellite communications system rather than line-of-sight for command and control, should be delivered to the air arm in the coming months. The platform has been modified and its performance improved over the original Anka-A systems that first flew back in 2010.

In line with Turkish plans to arm its UAS, TAI proved the Anka could be armed following a weapons demonstration performed in April, when it dropped Roketsan’s Small Micro Munition (SMM), also known as MAM-L, a small 50-lb. (22-kg) laser-guided munition, which has also been used on operations from two Turkish-developed tactical platforms.

In its Turkish Air Force configuration, the Anka-S will be fitted with an improved indigenous electro-optical camera system developed by Aselsan, called the Common Aperture Targeting System (CATS). It will also feature a VHF/UHF radio relay capability that will allow it to act as a communications node for troops on the ground. Additionally, Aselsan has developed a lightweight synthetic aperture radar that can be fitted into a ventral housing.