Qatar Airways Group CEO Akbar al Baker used a press conference at the Paris Air Show to send a message to the CEO of Delta Air Lines after he signed firm contracts for 14 Boeing 777s.

After the signing ceremony in a Boeing chalet for 10 777-8Xs and four 777 freighters, al Baker said, “As you know, no press conference with Qatar Airways is without controversy, so I would like to make a statement. I hope that the gentleman at Delta knows that we are creating even more jobs in the U.S. by buying these planes.”

The remark was clearly meant for Delta CEO Richard Anderson, who has led the campaign by U.S. major carriers Delta, American Airlines and United Airlines to have the Open Skies agreements the U.S. has with the UAE and Qatar reviewed because they believe Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways are supported by large government subsidies that do not comply with the air treaties.

The U.S. airlines also claim that the Gulf carriers threaten U.S. jobs.

The issue was a recurring topic at the IATA AGM in Miami last week, where al Baker also made a statement during the meeting’s opening session. And during an adjacent meeting of oneworld member airline CEOs, it is believed that al Baker threatened to withdraw Qatar Airways from the global alliance.

Asked by ShowNews during the Paris press conference about his commitment to oneworld, al Baker said, “We are only committed to oneworld provided the spirit of when we joined the alliance is maintained. If we are joined with an airline that acts against our interests and blocks our access to cities like New York, then we have no purpose to be in an alliance. So yes, we will exit oneworld if that is the case and that was made very clear at the IATA AGM.”