Trumpeting its qualities as a surveillance and light attack aircraft from the southwest corner of the static park (A5), the IOMAX Archangel returns to Paris for a second appearance, this time in definitive, two-seat form. And to set at rest the minds of those readers who could swear they have seen it here three times, at the 2009 show the armed agricultural sprayer you viewed was an Air Tractor AT-802U.

Now, IOMAX, of Mooresville, North Carolina, has transferred its security package to the rival Thrush S2R because the conversion can be undertaken on the production line at Albany, Georgia, for the sake of economy. A single-seat Archangel prototype appeared at Paris two years ago, and the aircraft here today is based on the S2R-T660 airframe in its two-seat (nominally “dual control”) form.

Underwing spraybars for giving bugs a hard time are replaced by an impressive set of sensors and weapons for making life difficult for the bad guys. Customers may select from centerline pod options including Wescam MX-15 or Star FIRE turrets, either with or without laser designation capability.

The laser comes into its own with some of the 3,000 kg. (6,600 lb.) of ordnance which can be attached to six underwing store stations. This can include up to 12 GBU-58 250-lb. or six GBU-12 500-lb. bombs on dual ejector racks. Alternatively, the avenging Angel can dispense 12 AGM-114 missiles or 24 rockets from Roketstan quad-pods. The angelically delivered AGM-114 is, confusingly, called Hellfire – but needs must when the Devil drives.

With its large wing and powerful, 1,600 shp. Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67F turboprop, the Thrush S2R is able to lift a full weapon load plus 670 U.S. gallons of fuel. Endurance is a respectable 10+ hours and maximum altitude (with oxygen) is 25,000 ft. “No other airborne platform even comes close” boasts IOMAX.

Completing the package offered to the customer, IOMAX offers a team of instructors and specific training material which can be supplied “in the field”.

Finally, be aware that the company’s brochure warns, “Archangel is a registered trademark of IOMAX.” So, who’s going to serve the injunction on God, then?