Roger Cox


A former military, corporate and airline pilot, Roger Cox was also a senior investigator at the NTSB. He writes about aviation safety issues.


Sliding Off The Runway In Hard Rain, Part 2

By Roger Cox Sep 15, 2021
The first part of this article series describes what led to the aircraft sliding off the runway into the river. The NTSB conducted a major accident…
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Sliding Off The Runway In Hard Rain, Part 1

By Roger Cox Sep 14, 2021
It was the night of May 3, 2019, and a hard rain was falling in Jacksonville, Florida. The rain was coming down so hard that the runway was slippery…
Safety, Ops & Regulation

The Drugs You Don’t Fear Can Hurt You

By Roger Cox Sep 13, 2021
"The Crosscheck" column examines pilots' use of common and illicit drugs.
Safety, Ops & Regulation