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Welcome to Aviation Week's Aerospace & Defense Community Forum, designed to bring the global aviation, aerospace and defense industries together to support the critical need for information exchange. 


Join us from March 15-19 for a range of digital content including webinars, industry leader podcasts, CEO interviews, news, photo and video galleries, data and forecast updates and a marketplace where buyers and suppliers can connect — as well as an association with major events or conferences.

March 15

Webinar: Aerospace's Hottest Market? The Future Of Vertical Lift

10:00 EST | 14:00 GMT

Exciting new technologies and designs are beginning to broaden dramatically the once-limited horizons of vertical lift. Can industry break out of the mold that has shaped this sector for decades?   REGISTER HERE


Analysis: 737 MAX Return To Service


Gallery: NASA's Commercial Space Program 


Fleet Snapshot: A quick view of current fleet and projected deliveries through 2031.

March 16

Analysis: 737 MAX's Return To Service

Weekly Debrief: An analytical deep-dive into the defense sector.

March 17

Webinar: Commercial Aircraft Development: What’s on the Horizon? 

10:00 EST | 14:00 GMT

Soaring sales of the A321neo and the woes of Boeing’s 737 MAX have enabled Airbus to make big gains in market share. Can a cash-strapped Boeing afford to develop a new aircraft in response – and if it does, what would be the best approach? And how much life is left in “conventional” aircraft and engine designs now that pressure on the industry is mounting for carbon-neutral travel?  REGISTER HERE


Analysis: Commercial Aircraft Developments


Military Parts Data: Snapshot of new RFQs for military aircraft parts and top ten solicitations for the week of March 7-13.

March 18

Podcast: NASA's Embrace Of Commercial Space


Analysis: Space-Based Missile Warning: What's Coming In The Next 5-10 Years


Market Outlook: Gulf Region

March 19

Webinar: The Outlook for Defense in a Biden Administration 

10:00 EST | 14:00 GMT

New administrations always usher in policy changes. The question is how much U.S. President Joe Biden plans to change at the Pentagon – and what policies and programs he is likely to retain. How will the nation’s fighter, bomber, tanker, helicopter and UAVs programs fare? What thinking will drive policy on missiles, missile defense and the fledgling Space Force? Are changes in store for military exports?  REGISTER HERE


Analysis: Defense Hardware


Gallery: Biden's Defense Priorities


Forecast: Our analysts will examine anticipated market developments in the Aerospace & Defense sector.

2021 SpeedNews Virtual Nation Webinar Series

With our Annual Commercial Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference postponed to June, we plan to gather industry experts to cover several topics of interest for industry, on hour-long discussions that are designed to help you gain the required intelligence necessary to navigate your organization's journey through this unprecedented global downturn.


Status of the Industry - Survival of the Supply Chain

March 24, 11:00 EST Supported by Alderman & Company


Status of the Industry - Where Do We Go from Here?

April 21, 11:00 EST