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Aviation Week Network Conferences

Gain a 360° Connection to Key Decision Makers in the A&D Industry


Aviation Week Network’s A&D events portfolio delivers comprehensive information to the aviation and defense industry that is unmatched in its quality and depth to stakeholders in commercial, defense, general aviation, aerospace manufacturing, supply-chain, raw materials, and M&A.



A&D Events is the premier series of global conferences and year-round learning for this community. This is where the aviation industry converges to discuss current and future concerns and have access to leading experts, unbiased content and ideas that help enable individuals and companies to advance their aerospace and aviation knowledge to build stronger and smarter teams

  • Gain access to buyers and stakeholders.
  • Be part of the conversation shaping the future of the A&D markets, including manufacturing, supply chain, mergers & acquisitions, and program management
  • Uncover industry challenges before they become pain-points.
  • Connect with colleagues, customers, and competitors for a 360 look at this community.


Upcoming A&D Events

Digital Transformation

October 8-9, 2024





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