Pratt & Whitney Canada says initial flight tests of its newest engine, the PW812D demonstrator, have met expectations as it continues to define the production configuration for Dassault’s Falcon 6X large, long-range business jet.

The PW812D is a 13,000- to 14,000-lb.-thrust business aircraft engine based on the smaller core of the PW1200G geared turbofan developed for the Mitsubishi MRJ airliner and was selected late last year for the newly launched Falcon 6X. Dassault’s switch to the 6X followed the axing of the shorter-fuselage Falcon 5X in the wake of continuing delays to Safran’s Silvercrest engine.

Development of the PW812D follows the service debut in September of the larger PW814GA, the first of a family of engines derived from the core of the midsize PW1500G Airbus A220 powerplant, on the Gulfstream G500. The second engine, the PW815GA, will power the longer-range G600. Like the PW812D, the PW814/815GA versions share identical cores with their air transport derivatives, but do not feature the fan-drive gear system.

“The PW812D has a slightly smaller fan, but the final configuration is still being evaluated and we are in these discussions with Dassault,” says P&WC Business Aviation sales and marketing director Cedric Gauthier. “We had a demonstrator already going because we suspected there would be a requirement to meet the market needs. This also facilitated discussions with Dassault to deliver them an engine that could be certified in time to meet their tight deadline.”

The demonstrator engine first flew this summer on the company’s Boeing 747SP flying testbed, while evaluations have also been under way with a series of ground test engines. “We are leveraging all our experiences, both on the PW814/815 plus the core, so there is no surprise,” says Gauthier. “The result is there are no surprises – which is exactly what we want to hear. The last thing Dassault wants is another surprise, and we want their customer base to have confidence in the Falcon 6X program,” he adds.

First flight and entry into service of the 6X are targeted for 2021.