FDS Avionics has launched what it calls the industry’s most advanced and engaging 3-D and 2-D worldwide moving maps that put business passengers in the virtual pilot’s seat for an unrivaled interactive travel experience.

Using their smartphone or tablet, passengers can wirelessly explore the cities, towns and terrain below in stunning 3-D and 2-D detail by simply tapping points of interest to reveal pop-up images with highly informative captions. They can also easily swipe between the high-resolution satellite imagery and pinch to zoom for close-up views from the aircraft, including the cockpit, during their flight.

The company, known as Flight Display Systems until it changed its name a year ago, has led development of moving maps for smaller jets since 2000.

“This product is the center of our investment dartboard,” says Bill Cathcart, vice president of sales and marketing. “We are going to continue to invest in and evolve the moving map, taking it from telling you where you’ve been and where you’re going, to more of an entertainment vehicle where you can literally get lost and immerse yourself.”

The moving maps, called “do 3-D” and “do 2-D,” are integrated with the flight management system aboard the aircraft. They are available as a standalone inflight entertainment solution, easy to use on iPhones and smart devices, and as simplified do 2-D moving map that can also be displayed on bulkhead screens.

Viewers can zoom in to imagery of 15 meters per pixel. “We can take that even further to 1-1/2 meters per pixel for a custom image, for example of a customer’s factory,” says Cathcart.

FDS is accepting orders for the new do 3-D and do 2-D moving map packages and will begin shipping in December. 


FDS Now Shipping Subscription IFE Content

With a strategic licensing agreement with Global Eagle, the airline industry’s leading provider of premium content, FDS Avionics has begun delivering its new subscription movie and TV content packages on its “do CAPSULE” wireless streaming Inflight Entertainment (IFE) platform.

The product provides business aviation with access to tiers of DRM-compliant premier content at a predictable flat rate without an Internet connection. Aircraft operators simply insert the solid state drive (SSD) containing the tiered IFE content into the “do CAPSULE,” and in seconds passengers can navigate hundreds of titles, unlike Internet-based solutions that are extremely costly, and that can be unreliable and slow to download.

A trio of “do CAPSULE” entertainment packages include the do 360, a premium-level lineup of 360 titles, including Hollywood’s latest blockbuster movie releases and popular TV shows that automatically refresh every month. The do 180 and do 90 offer new and recent movies and TV shows in tiered doses of 180 and 90 titles.

The do CAPSULE standalone streaming media server lists for $40,000. It has been shown to stream to up to 22 devices simultaneously.

“The largest OEM on this planet has already adopted it, and standardized on it, and we have one of the largest fleet operators well into deployment,” says Bill Cathcart, vice president of sales and marketing. “But I can’t tell you yet who they are.”