Satcom Direct is here at NBAA with plenty of news, part of it a brand relaunch. To represent “a growing and evolving company and offerings” there is both a new logo and a new brand identity, which simply will be SD. To illustrate its expansion beyond satcom-based services, it will begin using the label “SD Global Connectivity.”

“Updating our visual identity and adding a new descriptor ‘Global Connectivity’ more clearly reflects our mission and what we do as a company,” explained director of marketing Jana Rucker.

Satcom Direct (Booth C10134, Static Display) is making waves at NBAA 2015 with the unveiling of its first distribution agreement with Jet ConneX. “It’s part of a larger distribution strategy with Jet ConneX, allowing information to be sent over the F2 Inmarsat-5 satellite that extends coverage over the Atlantic Ocean region.

Satcom Direct will not only be the first to be Jet ConneX-ready, the company also will offer services that enhance the Jet ConneX experience, such as: filtering unwanted background processes like software updates; ensuring the fastest possible speeds for data transfer; offering data acceleration to further improve the customer experience; and offering a proprietary voice codec developed for satcom calls to provide improved voice quality.

The company also has a new service called SD FlightLogs, a paperless and automatic platform that captures all information for all legs of the flight and synchronizes it with the flight department.

SD FlightLogs is powered by Satcom Direct’s data-link service, FlightDeck Freedom, which provides real-time flight data. It automatically captures and records aircraft movement events, calculating accurate cycle times for every member of the flight operation, from pilot to maintenance, to scheduling.

Satcom Direct has also announced it is “the first Inmarsat SwiftBroadband distribution partner to provision and enable the new SwiftBroadband high data rate [HDR] service with Honeywell avionics.”

According to the company, making HDR service available to SwiftBroadband customers provides them with a faster and more-efficient broadband connection. The service can provide 650 Kbps per streaming channel, and customers with an SD router can use the exclusive SkyBond service to combine up to two channels, thereby providing speeds of up to 1.3 Mbps. That, claims Satcom Direct, “is approximately two times faster per channel than the traditional SwiftBroadband inflight connections.”