Astronics AeroSat and Panasonic Avionics announced a strategic partnership to bring high-speed connectivity services and global live television programming to the business and VVIP aviation market.

The partnership combines Astronics’ “unmatched” tail-mounted satcom solutions with Panasonic’s “industry-leading” global communications services to offer broadband data Internet services, four channels of global television, and regional DBS-TV programming, all from a single antenna.

“For years, we have delivered superior high-speed communications services for commercial aircraft, and today, we are thrilled to offer true global broadband to the growing and demanding business and VVIP aviation market,” said Panasonic VP David Bruner. “Together, we will provide dedicated bandwidth, higher speeds, unmatched television content and far superior system performance than any other solution offered today.”

“Since 1997, AeroSat has designed and delivered the industry’s highest-performing and most efficient connectivity solutions for business and VVIP aircraft,” said Astronics AeroSat president Dennis Ferguson. “With Panasonic, we can now deliver a complete end-to-end package with an attractive upgrade path for existing data-only and TV-only aircraft operators that delivers broadband data Internet and TV in a single antenna system.”

Astronics is also promoting a new AeroShield brand low-drag radome and composite adapter plate combination. The assembly improves fuel-burn and provides bird-strike hardness meeting FAA safety requirements. “The composite adapter plate design simplifies and standardizes installations while reducing weight by 78% over traditional metal designs,” the company said.