Wheels and Brakes MRO Demand in Latin America

The wheels and brakes MRO demand forecast for Latin America looks positive, growing from $153 million in 2022 to $259 million in 2031 at a compound annual growth rate of 6%, according to Aviation Week’s 2022 Commercial Aviation & MRO Forecast.

Yarbora Industria Aeronautica/ Embraer and ATR aircraft constitute 11% of the wheels and brakes MRO demand in region.



When looking at the overall MRO market in the region, the majority (60%) of MRO demand through 2031 will be generated by Airbus aircraft, followed by Boeing aircraft at 18%. 

Aviation Week’s forecast pegs the Latin American region to grow from 2,080 commercial aircraft in service in 2022 to 3,117 aircraft in 2031.