Webinar: Rapid Sustainment in the COVID-19 Era - Maintaining Collaboration

This webinar took place April 29, 2020

How is rapid sustainment of the U.S. Air Force fleet being impacted in the era of COVID-19? The average age of the U.S. Air Force aircraft keeps growing and that has a direct impact on mission readiness.

How much greater is the challenge of maintaining collaboration between the government, OEMs and small business during a global pandemic? How is COVID-19 impacting the supply chain that supports mission readiness? What does it mean for the future?

Watch the full recording above to hear the panel discussions.


  • Anthony Baumann, Director of Contracting, Air Force Sustainment Center
  • Lorenzo Marandola, President, M1 Composites Technologies
  • Kevin Nalette, Vice Director, 448th Supply Chain Management Wing, Air Force Sustainment Center

Moderator: Jen DiMascio, Executive Editor, Defense & Space, Aviation Week Network


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