S7 Technics Begins Support of Red Wings Sukhoi Fleet

Red Wings operates four SSJ100s but has 56 more of the aircraft are on order. 
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Towards the end of December 2020, Russian MRO provider S7 Technics carried out its first A check on a Red Wings’ Sukhoi Superjet 100 at Moscow’s Domodevo airport.

The work could be significant because although Red Wings has only four SSJ100s now, 56 more of the aircraft are on order. 

Previously, Red Wings and S7 Technics have collaborated on basic maintenance of Airbus A320s and A321s, of which the carrier operates now 15 aircraft but with no more on order. 

The first SSJ A check included standard items such as detailed inspection and lubrication of various components, checking avionics performance and replacing filters and technical fluids.

In addition, the landing gear angle sensor was checked, and target mounts of the ladder bar of the non-contact sensors on the aircraft service entrance doors were completed. Roughly, about 10 mechanics did the A check work. 

S7 has extensive experience with the SSJ 100. The MRO can perform scheduled maintenance, structural repairs and modifications of SSJ100.

Another reason for Red Wings choosing S7 is that the MRO is among the most prominent maintenance providers at Domodedovo airport, which is also the base of Red Wings. The airline is a leisure carrier that also serves important tourist destinations in Anapa, Simferopol and Sochi.

Red Wings was initially supposed to be the launch customer for the Airbus A220-300 in Russia. However, it has apparently decided to emphasize Russian-built aircraft.

In addition to the major fleet of SSJ100s, the airline has ordered 16 of the new Irkut MC-21-300s, with delivery starting in 2021.
The 20-year-old carrier has had two accidents, a fatal crash in 2012 and a non-fatal incident in 2018, both involving 1990s’-vintage Tupelov 204s.