MAC Aero Cites Brexit For UK Exit

The reasons for Brexit have been debated to a standstill, but of all the causes proffered, nobody posited that what the UK really wanted was the freedom to set its own aviation regulation.

Nonetheless, this is the path being pursued following the recent announcement that the UK would leave EASA.

Given the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s unreadiness to take over EASA’s functions, this appears to be a course of dogmatic folly, one which will prove expensive and for little to no discernible gain.

It was apt, then, that in the week of the announcement one MRO company announced plans for one of its UK operations to up sticks and transfer production to Estonia.

Of course, the decision to move production of MAC Aero Interiors to Talinn was made before the UK’s EASA revelation – the new facility officially opened a few days before that happened – but MAC’s owner, Magnetic MRO, clearly smelled which way the wind was blowing following the Brexit referendum.

“This strategic decision is the outcome of an increased level of indecisiveness in the UK market,” said Marko Männiste, managing director at MAC Aero Interiors

He added: “Our customers will benefit from the relocated facility of production, due to efficiency and remaining with production within [the] European Union, we shall guarantee continuous supply after Brexit.”

As well as relocating production from the UK, MAC has expanded its DOA services and streamlined its production processes.

Additionally, China-based MAC Sichuan, a subsidiary to MAC Aero Interiors, will continue to provide cabin total technical care support for large-volume orders and provide exposure to the Asian market.

Alex Derber

Alex Derber, a UK-based aviation journalist, is editor of the Engine Yearbook and a contributor to Aviation Week and Inside MRO.