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Alex Derber

Next Steps For Using Additive Manufacturing For Repairs 
How additive manufacturing will open new avenues for aviation aftermarket providers.
Midlife Aircraft, Engines Still Hot. But For How Long? 
Will the demand for mid-life aircraft and engines temper as fuel prices rise?
Superjet Appears To Be Losing Domestic Support 
Exasperation with the Sukhoi Superjet (SSJ) appears to have spread to the aircraft’s home market in the weeks following the May 5 fatal crash landing of an Aeroflot SSJ100.
Baltic MROs’ Growth Plans Extend Beyond Borders 
MROs in the Baltics are growing, with the help of a similar playbook.
Is Aviation Safe From Hackers? 
Cybersecurity protection measures aviation companies should think about: now.
Robots Finding Their Place In Aviation Aftermarket 
Should you be concerned about your job in the aviation aftermarket? Will a robot be replacing you soon?
Aircraft OEMs Racing To Catch Up With Health-Monitoring Solutions
Aircraft and engine health-monitoring solutions are at the heart of predictive maintenance and the “on-condition” maintenance model.
2019 Outlook For Airframe Heavy Maintenance 
The outlook for airframe heavy maintenance in 2019 and beyond will be challenged by tightening market and labor pool.
CF34 Engine Shops Are Full, But What’s The Forecast? 
The $1 billion market for the CF34 engine is open, competitive and growing, despite expected -3A retirements.
Can OEMs Meet 2019 Increased Production Rates? 
Despite numerous recent missteps, aircraft manufacturers are willing to gamble on further rate increases because they see more than enough demand.
How These Emerging Technologies Will Deliver Results Soon  1
Emerging technologies for aviation MRO should realistically accomplish four big goals for improved operation in the next few years.
Trent 700 MRO Prospects, And Service Queue Issues 
The engine that powers 60% of Airbus A330s will hit peak numbers in 2020, but how will Trent 1000’s problems impact the engine’s shop slots?
How The A320 Overtook The 737, And MRO Implications 8
Airbus and Boeing’s rivalry for the narrowbody market is intense, and just a few factors have been a big factor in the competition for orders so far.
The Future Of Pneumatics As Aircraft Go More Electric 
As aircraft incorporate more- electric systems, how will that affect pneumatics, known for providing cabin air and other functions.
Cost Of Maintaining Composites Can Offset Performance Gains 
Investigating how new composite repair technologies will help MRO providers
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