Lufthansa Diversifies China Outsource Options

Credit: Lufthansa

There is nothing like 10 years of economic and air-traffic growth to prompt airlines to become more flexible in their outsource options. Despite Lufthansa Technik’s ownership of 25% of Ameco, China’s largest maintenance provider, Lufthansa Airline has sent some important work south, to another major Chinese MRO. 

Gameco has successfully completed its first intermediate layover check of a Lufthansa Airbus A380. A Jan. 22 test went smoothly, confirming the successful completion of Gameco’s first IL check and painting performed on a Lufthansa A380. This was also the first time Gameco performed the light structural maintenance check for an international third-party customer.

From induction on October 25 to test flight, the check and painting took 89 days. The MRO notes that Lufthansa sets high requirements and very high standards for maintenance work. GAMECO itself emphasizes safety, airworthiness, punctuality and reliability.

The A380 work for Lufthansa further expands Gameco's share of the MRO market for European carriers.

It also validates the title of Airbus A380 Center of Excellence in China awarded to Gameco by Airbus. Gameco believes the successful work for a highly demanding European airline will help it obtain more valuable A380 maintenance business in the future.