Global Fleet Of Hawk Trainer Aircraft To Generate Billions In MRO Demand

The UK withdrew the last of its Hawk T1 training aircraft in March after 45 years of service, although the global fleet will remain above 500 throughout the 2020s, generating $6 billion in MRO dermand over the decade.
Credit: UK Royal Air Force

The number of Hawk aircraft's that's projected by Aviation Week Network to decline from 655 at present to 508 by the end of the decade but the type remains the third-most numerous training aircraft in service around the world and will actually be in second place by 2030 as the U.S. Air Force draws down its T-38 fleet.

Even without further orders, the size of the worldwide Hawk fleet means that significant support revenues will be generated in the coming years. Aviation Week Network forecasts that the type will generate MRO demand of at least $6 billion over.