Data Tool: 2023 MRO Shop Visit Projections In North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific

Credit: Rolls-Royce

Aviation Week’s 2023 Commercial Fleet & MRO Forecast predicts engine overhauls and C checks will comprise the largest share of MRO shop visits in 2023, at 31% and 44% respectively. 

Aviation Week’s data shows that North America will see 48% of global demand C check demand next year, a total of 3,265 C checks. Meanwhile, Europe and Asia-Pacific account for 2,200 and 1,399 C checks respectively. 

Also forecast is demand for 2,224 engine overhauls in North America, while Europe and Asia-Pacific will have 1,822 and 1,210 engine overhaul shop visits respectively. 

The data also shows North America will see more demand for D checks than Europe and Asia-Pacific. Meanwhile, Europe will have more demand for engine life-limited parts (LLP) events than North America and Asia-Pacific.


Source: Aviation Week Intelligence Network Commercial Aviation 2023 Fleet & MRO Forecast  

Prachi Patel

Prachi Patel is a London-based Associate Editor for Aviation Week's MRO editorial team. She writes news articles and designs data infographics for Aviation Week's commercial aftermarket output.