MicrobMonitor2 fuel test adopted as NEW ASTM standard method (D7978).

The NEW ASTM standard test method D7978 provides a simplified, reliable and cost effective, test for measuring microbial contamination of fuel in the laboratory, field or onboard.

Microbial contamination of fuel is a serious matter. It has caused aircraft to abort take off, ships to be taken out of service, offshore rigs to be shut down and supply chains to be disrupted. Microbial contamination in fuels can cause filter plugging, fuel gauge errors, blocking of fuel lines and injectors causing excessive wear and failure, corrosion of tanks, bearings and other systems, and increased water content causing fuels to become hazy and degrade.

Contamination and subsequent severe operational problems can be avoided through early detection and treatment. Routine condition monitoring of fuels for microbial contamination as part of a good housekeeping regime can significantly improve asset utilisation and reduce supply chain risks.

The MicrobMonitor2 test kit has been designed specifically to measure microbial contamination in fuels and oils. It has been independently validated in an interlaboratory study conducted for the Energy Institute and now enables testing in accordance with ASTM D7978 and IP Standard Method IP 613 - “Determination of the viable aerobic microbial content of fuels and associated water - Thixotropic Gel Culture Method”. The test also gives results comparable with laboratory standard test methods IP 385 and ASTM 6974.

MicrobMonitor2 can be used on site or in the laboratory to detect and quantify microbial contamination in petroleum products in storage, distribution and use including aviation, automotive, power and marine fuel, bio fuel, heavy fuel and crude oil, lubricants and hydraulic oil, and associated water with any of the above. It is manufactured and supported by ECHA Microbiology Ltd (UK).

No special skills or equipment is required – anyone can use it! Full instructions are supplied with the test kit and full technical support services are provided by ECHA and Santex Corporation, distributor of MicrobMonitor2 serving the America’s. Additional advice including advisory services on clean up and avoidance of microbial contamination of fuel are available on request.

Further information may be found here www.microbmonitor.com &


ECHA Microbiology i  a world leader in detecting and solving problems of microbial contamination in fuels and oils. It supplies a range of associated test kits and laboratory services. ECHA also provides consultancy on treatment and prevention of contamination. ECHA has worked closely with Santex Corporation for many years and are confident in their capabilities to support our products in the USA. Santex Corporation will feature MicrobMonitor2 test kits at the 20th annual MRO Americas Conference and Exhibition, presented by Penton’s Aviation Week (http://www.aviationweek.com), on April 14-16, 2015 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami Beach, Florida – Santex Corporation Booth Number 1150.

For more information contact: Lance Skovsgard, Director- Aerospace and Specialty Products, Santex Corporation- Tel: (772) 360-4117 ext. 101 or email: [email protected]

Santex Corporation located at 14780 SW 136 Street Miami, Florida 33196 has been a provider of performance engineered lubricant, chemical and specialty products serving the Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Commercial and Industrial sectors since 1985.



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