WEBINAR: Managing Data to Optimize Efficiencies

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In this webinar attendees will learn how connectivity enables data to improve efficiencies in flight operations, financial budgeting and resource management. Any professional involved in operating/managing a flight department, flight trip planning and scheduling, aircraft management and budgeting, maintenance, or working in the cabin or on the flight deck will benefit from attending the webinar. The content is suitable for operators. aircraft managers, corporate flight departments, and government.

By attending this session; you will:

  • How connectivity supports data management
  • What type of data can be aggregated, and what makes it valuable
  • How data can create more operational efficiency
  • The significance of data to improve visibility into flight department operations
  • The value of using data from third party providers to improve ownership/operational experience




Michael Skou Christensen
Senior VP - Satcom Direct International

Dave Falberg
Regional Director, Europe - Satcom Direct

Ed Hazelwood - Moderator
Aviation Week Contributor


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