Global Commercial In-Service Fleet Taken Off Recently | 世界の民間機運航数が急速に回復中

Aviation Week Intelligence NetworkのFleet Discoveryを用いた航空機トラッキング情報によると、世界の民間機の運航数が最近になって急増している。毎月のデータを前年同月と比較すると、パンデミックが始まった2020年1月に記録した最低値から劇的に変化していることがわかる。



According to Aviation Week Intelligence Network’s Fleet Discovery Aircraft Tracking, the global commercial in-service fleet have taken off recently.  Comparing monthly data at the same points in previous years shows the dramatic shifts from the lows of the pandemic period starting in January 2000.


Between March and June of 2020, the active fleet strength was at an average 26% below where it stood in the previous year. It subsequently averaged negative 20% for the rest of the year. In the first six months of 2021, the in-service fleet has gradually increased and reduced its gap from the pre-pandemic years. From March 2021, the fleet is showing a drastic increase from 2020 figures, and a steady increase going towards 2019 and 2018 levels with significant change rates.