Military MRO Demand's Continued Growth | 拡大を続ける軍用機のMRO需要

The MRO demand generated by military aircraft is expected to increase from $106 billion annually in 2021 to $120 billion by 2031.
Credit: UK Ministry of Defence


今後10年間だけで世界の軍用機MRO需要は1.12兆ドルに達し、年間需要も2021年の1,060億ドルから2030年の1,200億ドルに拡大するとAviation Week Networkでは予想している。



While the spotlight in global military aircraft markets tends to fall on procurement decisions, it is generally recognized that at least two thirds of an aircraft’s through-life costs come after the acquisition phase. Even without accounting for operating costs such as fuel and personnel, and excluding mid-life upgrades and service life extensions, the revenues generated from maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) activities alone represent a core component of the military aerospace business.

Over the next decade alone, Aviation Week Network expects military aircraft to generate $1.123 trillion in MRO demand, with annual demand increasing from $106 billion in 2021 to $120 billion in 2030.


With military aircraft fleet sizes generally on a downward trajectory since the end of the Cold War, much of the growth in MRO revenue comes from the increased costs associated with enhanced performance and the greater technological sophistication of modern-day platforms.