Chinese MRO Moving Fast Again | 再び前進する中国のMRO企業

As China's economic recovery continues, domestic MROs such as Ameco are making new investments.
Credit: Ameco







また11月には、GAMECO社は同社初となる737-800BCF(貨物改装機)を広州工場で完成させた。同社のゼネラルマネージャー・ Norbert Marx氏は、「パンデミックが多くの困難をもたらした中でも、我々は契約を守り、改装機を予定より早く、最高の品質で納入することができた」と語る。彼は今回の改装で得た知見を、今後の改装にも必ず活かすことを約束した。 

これに先立つ9月、GAMECO社とボーイング社は、同社の広州工場に2つ目の737-800BCF改装ラインを開設すると発表した。ボーイング社で中国の民間機販売およびマーケティングを担当するPeter Gao副社長は、GAMECO社が困難な状況下でも納期を短縮したことについて、高い品質レベルを示すことができたと称賛した。

MRO Prospectorで契約情報を検索し、受注機会を発見しましょう 

MRO Prospectorは民間機MRO(メンテナンス・修理・オーバーホール)契約の特定、予想される個別MRO案件の確認、将来の航空機およびエンジンのフリート規模を把握するのに役立つオンラインツールです。この製品は、航空会社やMRO事業者とのビジネスチャンスを追求するために、MROマーケットにどのような機会があるのかを知りたい方に向けて作られています。 MRO Prospector収録内容の説明資料をご希望の方はこちら  

As of November 2020, China’s international flights are still down substantially but its daily domestic flights in the last week of the month averaged nearly 9% above the same period of 2019, according to RadarBox.

Given this uptick, two major Chinese MROs are taking advantage of the resumed growth with expansions, new capabilities and ambitious plans for the future.

Beijing-based Ameco recently opened an outstation at Wudangshan Airport in a mountainous tourist area about 500 miles west of Shanghai. The MRO has been doing maintenance at Wudangshan since 2018, and now has officially opened its facility there.

Far to the south near Hong Kong, GAMECO has signed a memorandum of understanding with Shenzen Airport to provide maintenance and ground services for both domestic and international flights. 

Since 2016, Shenzhen has been putting more focus of international flights, which accounted for 10% of its traffic in 2019. It hopes to further increase this volume in the post-COVID world by exploiting the potential of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. 

According to the MOU, cooperation between Shenzhen and GAMECO will take advantage of the airport's platform and GAMECO's maintenance capabilities, qualifications and branding. The partners aim to provide comprehensive and high-quality aviation maintenance and ground service for domestic and international airlines, pushing Shenzhen to become an innovative international hub airport.

And earlier in November, GAMECO completed its first 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighter at its Guangzhou facility.  “Despite the challenges caused by the global pandemic, we were able to fulfill our promises and redeliver the conversion product faster than anticipated and with the highest quality,” said GAMECO general manager Norbert Marx. He promised to apply lessons learned from this conversion to future conversions. 

In September, GAMECO and Boeing announced the opening of their second 737-800BCF conversion line at the Guangzhou facility. Peter Gao, Boeing’s vice president of commercial sales and marketing in China, praised GAMECO’s conversion ahead of schedule under difficult circumstances, saying it showcased high levels of quality.