WASHINGTON—Boeing has selected Rockwell Collins to provide touchscreen flight displays in the cockpits of 777X aircraft.

“This is the first time a commercial air transport aircraft will be equipped with touchscreen forward flight displays,” Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based Rockwell said in a statement. Kent Statler, Rockwell’s chief operating officer for commercial systems, added: “A touch-controlled flight deck environment makes it easier for pilots to manage information and do their jobs, and speeds up the process to complete tasks.” The airframer recently unveiled the touchscreen technology.

Rockwell said the 777X touchscreen flight displays will be multi-touch, allowing both pilots to touch the same screen simultaneously. The touchscreens will respond to firm touch rather than light touch, “avoiding unintentional interaction with the displays,” Rockwell said, adding: “The touchscreen bezel will provide bracing features for operation during turbulence.”

Rockwell also provides flight displays for Boeing’s 787, 737 MAX and 747-8, but those displays are not touchscreens. On the 777X, Rockwell has also been selected to provide the integrated surveillance system with weather radar, select flight controls, a server router and an optional dual head-up guidance system.

The 777X is slated to enter service in 2020.