Program planning and execution excellence are essential to business success in today’s aerospace and defense industry. The entry of new, lower cost and more responsive providers is an increasing threat as programs continue to miss cost and delivery targets. As established providers are being forced to become more efficient and to reduce direct and indirect expenses, they are turning to integrated program planning and execution systems to ensure bid accuracy and completeness, reduce bid and proposal expenses, and control program costs and schedules. 

Enable program planning and execution based on a common WBS structure. Allow the creation of estimates based on past performance, and integrates cost, schedule, requirements, processes, inputs, and outputs for a complete work package definition. The solution is a single source for all program estimating and execution information, including risk and opportunity management. It supports Integrated Master Plan, Integrated Master Schedule and Earned Value Management. This solution will enable you to successfully deliver programs in the current environment, ultimately improving profits, reputation and the ability to invest in and win new programs.

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