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Data Analysis

Business Aviation Forecast | 10-Year Outlook
Gain insight into the anticipated business aircraft deliveries, retirements and MRO demand over the next 10 years, part of Aviation Week Intelligence Network's (AWIN) 2022 Business Aviation Fleet & MRO Forecast.
Commercial Aviation Forecast | 10-Year Outlook
Anticipate market demands with the data from the recently released 2022 Commercial & Fleet MRO Forecast.
Commercial Market Analysis: Utilization
Identify utilization trends by aircraft category and region, part of the monthly market analysis available exclusively for Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN) members.
Commercial Market Analysis: Aircraft Status
Identify in-service aircraft and retirements of commercial jets and turboprop aircraft, part of Aviation Week Intelligence Network's (AWIN) curated analysis for members.

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Q&A Videos with:

  • Phil Wardlaw, Director of Engineering/VP Engineering & Maintenance, Virgin Atlantic
  • Swaran Sidhu, Head of Fleet Technical Management, easyJet
  • Anne Larilahti, VP Sustainability, Finnair
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MRO Europe

MRO Europe 2021
CONFERENCE - October 19-21, 2021
EXHIBITION - October 20-21, 2021

MRO Europe is the premier event in this region for the commercial air transport maintenance, repair and overhaul industry, designed for you by thought leaders and innovators from the leading and trusted brand in the aviation/aerospace industry – Aviation Week Network. MRO Europe 2021 is positioned and ready for a safe return to live events at RAI Amsterdam. The Team is working closely with local authorities and suppliers to ensure all protocols are met and exceeded.

MRO Europe provides a world class venue for all those involved in the MRO sector to exchange ideas and best practices, share experiences, debate issues and challenges and gather knowledge.

MRO Europe provides thought leadership on the crucial industry issues and concerns through its superior editorial content and extensive conference agenda, delivering an unrivaled industry forum where key intelligence is gathered and real business leads are generated. MRO Europe offers unparalleled networking opportunities over the 3 days of the event and is the place to forge new partnerships and cement existing relationships.