From cockpit to curbside is the scope of a new commercial aviation division announced here by L3 Technologies. The business, the company says, is the first of its kind to integrate both on- and off-aircraft products and services for aviation customers.

The new bundle of offerings will combine L3’s full suite of services and products in commercial aviation, including the development and management of on-aircraft avionics, integrated security solutions and complete pilot training offerings. Its reach extends to passenger security screening and to training and simulation.

“L3 Commercial Aviation represents the next stage in our development to better serve our expanding customer base in the global aviation industry,” says Christopher E. Kubasik, L3’s chairman, chief executive officer and president. “We have established this new organization to provide a more integrated and tailored service to our customers and to consolidate our position as a leader within the aviation industry.”

The grouping under one umbrella “focuses L3’s efforts to address the demanding passenger journey from airport curbside, through in-flight, and to arrival on the other side safely, securely and efficiently,” explained Todd W. Gautier, L3’s senior vice president and president of its electronic systems business segment. “Air travel is changing, and L3 Commercial Aviation aligns our products and offerings to be more connected and effectively meet our customers’ evolving needs.”

From check-in to touchdown, L3 Commercial Aviation’s integrated solutions work to make air travel safer, more efficient and more effective, the company says. Commercial Aviation combines the products and services across L3’s business divisions of aviation products, commercial training solutions, and security and detection systems, and ACSS, a joint venture of L3 and Thales.

The new organization will bring L3 closer to its customers by enabling solutions rather than just the sale of products, says John N. Feren, vice president of business development and marketing for L3 Commercial Aviation. He was appointed in December to leverage L3’s commercial aviation portfolio to generate new business and accelerate growth, deepen and extend executive-level relationships with airline customers and commercial aviation organizations, and implement a new customer account management structure and culture.

Commercial Aviation contributes about 30% of L3’s nearly US$10 billion in revenues.