Web Manuals, which digitizes manuals, regulatory and compliance documentation for the aviation industry, is launching its online store at EBACE.

“Three partners will each have their services and products available in our digital marketplace. They all create opportunities for our clients to improve their operations, and improve their knowledge and compliance and automate tasks, says Web Manuals founder and CEO Martin Lidgard.

The partners are:

-Skylegs, the launch partner for the Web Manuals Store, with holistic flight operations management software. Now Skylegs customers can access all their documents directly within Web Manuals, without having to shift to the dedicated platform. Premium Jet is the first customer to sign up for the integrated platform. “For Skylegs, we have a connector between our systems which simplifies the work for a small business at departments to stay compliant and run their business as smoothly,” Lidgard says.

-AeroEx, Europe’s foremost aviation industry regulatory compliance consultancy group, whose AeroEx EFB Toolkit is available through the Web Manuals online store. It includes manual and risk assessment templates, checklists, and regulatory guidance material to help operators meet the upcoming Electronic Flight Bag regulations set for European operators by IATA. The AeroEx EFB Manual Template is delivered directly to each operator’s Web Manuals site and links directly to the EASA compliance library. It also includes access to an instructional webinar with a Q&A session and optional EFB admin training.

-AviationManuals, a leading provider of SMS/safety management system software and manual content development services, that helps business aviation flight departments and aircraft management companies perform internal audits. AviationManuals and Web Manuals will integrate IAP/internal audit program functionalities with the digitized manual platform of Web Manuals to provide operators with a convenient, ongoing self-auditing experience.

Lidgard notes that flight departments are saving considerable time by automating their regulatory and compliance documentation through his firm. “We saved each of our business aviation customers 70% of the time spent updating manuals in 2018, equivalent to 2,400 hours of work each year,” he says.

This is based on business jet operators having on average up to 30 operations manuals in their libraries and making up to 75 revisions every year, with each one taking around 40 hours to complete. “Using Web Manuals’ web-based application, updating and revising an operations manual typically takes up to a day, saving customers at least 32 hours per revision,” he says.

As an example, Lidgard said that at its recent user conference in San Diego, customer Harley-Davidson “was very outspoken in terms of before they would spend a week and a half creating a new revision of the documents (in MS Word), now with Web Manuals they do the same work in half a day.”

The advantages of automation are being increasingly noted by the business aviation industry, if Web Manuals’ client base is seen as an indicator: the company reports a 63% growth in Europe last year, and the sign-up rate is continuing into 2019, Lidgard says.