Aerion has selected GE Aviation to study engine development for its supersonic business jet.

Brad Mottier, VP of GE’s business and general aviation, and integrated systems business enterprise units, said here Sunday that GE has signed a “definitive agreement” with Aerion for a joint study to define requirements for the three turbofan engines that will power the Mach 1.5 AS2 business jet. The agreement culminates two years of discussions.

“These guys are visionaries,” Mottier said, adding that he’s excited to be with them on the program. “The world needs a supersonic business jet,” he said. But, he said too that considerable work lies ahead. It’s safe to say the engines will use or adapt many parts and technologies from existing GE commercial and military engines. Thrust requirements, noise limitations, specific fuel consumption, maintenance, technical support and cost are among the issues.

“We can do this. We have a big tool box. We’ve been building engines for supersonic aircraft for decades,” he said. Expect further details at NBAA.