ATP’s Aircraft Centricity is, the company says, a breakthrough approach to managing maintenance-related content that consolidates and streamlines the display of available documentation for an aircraft with a single tail number search. By providing rapid and convenient access to the most comprehensive set of airworthiness and reference content for a specific aircraft, ATP’s new product helps MROs and maintenance professionals access relevant documentation with unprecedented speed.

The new features, available at no additional cost within ATP’s “Aviation Hub Cloud,” interconnect data from manufacturers, regulatory agencies, and other third parties to bring maintenance providers streamlined access to the most current information for the maintenance they are about to perform.

“This will improve significantly the productivity of the MRO provider, and help operators have their aircraft returned to service sooner,” says ATP CEO Charles Picasso.

“For years, aviation maintenance professionals have envisioned a day when they could simply enter in a tail number in order to pull up and integrate all of the relevant reference content and airworthiness tracking information instead of spending so much time gathering, organizing, and reviewing it all.”

FAA records have always been available, but nobody before has integrated them online with OEM and maintenance records, service bulletins, all FAA issues, and the profile of the aircraft.

ATP’s Aviation Hub Cloud is an integrated suite of “smart content” services that embed technical, operating, and regulatory content into maintenance workflows and processes.

ATP partners with 54 manufacturers to provide information to 5,600 customers in 96 countries. Last year it launched a mobile app to enable Aviation Hub to be accessed anywhere from smart devices.

Aircraft Centricity is being demonstrated by ATP at Booth Z131.