This is an exciting time for the global space sector, as we move towards greater advances in space exploration. Space travel is no longer just an ambition but a necessity for human advancement. Not only from the tangible benefits to our lives that it has brought, but also for what it can do to inspire and uplift mankind. Sharing our success, educating the masses and giving back is what we will do. Achieving the unthinkable is what we aim to do, and being part of a global space community will help us achieve that.

Tangible benefits

People still to this day question why we invest time, money and effort on space exploration. The reality is, we would not live the lives that we live today if it were not for advancements in the space sector. Mobile phone cameras, GPS navigation, water purification, CAT scans have all become integral parts of our lives and we have the space industry to thank for all of them. 

In health and medicine, space technology has helped create light-emitting diodes (LEDs), infrared ear thermometers and artificial limbs. In terms of transportation, we have created highway safety tools, anti-icing systems, video enhancing and analysis systems for public safety. Firefighter gear was also first developed for space programs. The breathing apparatus worn by firefighters for protection from smoke inhalation injury is one of the clearest transfers of space technology to civil-use applications.

To make our lives easier and better, investing in space technology is must.

No longer an option

To protect our lives and our planet, advancing space exploration is critical.

Climate change and resource scarcity are posing ever greater challenges to the human race. Earth is under threat from global warming and diminishing natural resources. Space exploration and education can provide solutions to these dangers.

We need to study the atmosphere of Mars to learn why it became dry and learn how to protect our planet from the same happening. The 100 year Mars colony plan will teach about new methods of nutrition, energy conservation and efficient transportation of humans and materials. This will bring substantial benefits and lessons to our lives for generations to come.

A global space community

Over the past three and a half years since its inception, the UAE Space Agency has succeeded in setting the foundation for what has become the largest space sector in the region in terms of investments and capabilities. We have established relationships with major international agencies including more than twenty MoUs and agreements signed with global space experts. We now hold major international events such as the Global Space Congress and the Global Aerospace Summit in February 2018, where we will once again welcome the world’s leading space players to Abu Dhabi to discuss how we can shape the future of space together.

Our strategy is based around international collaboration, knowledge transfer and exchange of ideas. For that reason we love welcoming space experts to our schools in the UAE to help raise awareness on the importance of STEM education. This month we are hosting a visit from Apollo 15 Command Module Pilot, Col. Al Worden, who is in the UAE for the first time. The visit organized with Kallman Worldwide Inc, will advocate for STEM subjects as the fundamental tools of the trade for future exploration on Earth and in space. We will continue to work with the global space community and international space leaders to support our ongoing educational campaigns.

Inspire and uplift

Aside from the physical, tangible and future benefits – the rational side of the space sector, there is also something emotional and inspiring about space exploration. The overwhelming opportunity that it can bring and the fact that we still do not know that much about what could be out there – presents fascinating adventures and incredible curiosity.

Our ambitious space programme is exciting young people, and stimulating interest in areas such as astrophysics and cosmology.

By making great advances, we will unite our planet under a common goal - to make new discoveries and teach humans about the bigger picture of our existence in this universe.