Airbus Helicopters is hoping it can generate interest in its new H160 twin-engine medium helicopter here in the Middle East.

The company is displaying its mockup of the aircraft for the first time at Dubai, before marketing of the helicopter—which made its first flight in June—begins in 2016.

The company is preparing to fly the second prototype, PT2, by the end of year. This will be the first aircraft to be equipped with Turbomeca’s Arrano 1A engine, which will now be the sole source engine for the aircraft, following the company’s decision in February not to offer the aircraft with Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PW210 powerplant.

The first prototype PT1 flew with the P&WC engines, but they will be swapped out for the Turbomeca engines once PT2 is flying. Test pilots are in the process of expanding the helicopter’s flight envelope. They have taken the aircraft to 15,000 feet and 175 kts. so far.

The H160 is the replacement for the Dauphin family of helicopters which include the AS365N3, and the larger, widebody H155, previously known as the EC155. Both helicopters have enjoyed steady sales in the Middle East over the years, particularly the Dauphin which serves with a number of Middle Eastern navies in its military Panther guise.

However, Airbus is targeting the H160 as a rival to AgustaWestland’s AW139, which has enjoyed huge success in the region with several dozen operating here in the UAE on VIP and search and rescue duties. Airbus hopes to capture 40% of the medium market with the H160.

First deliveries are planned for 2018.