Field Aerospace Completes Avionics Refresh Program For T-1A Fleet

Credit: Field Aerospace

Field Aerospace has completed a curtailed avionics refresh for 73 U.S. Air Force T-1A Jayhawk multi-engine trainers, the company said March 21. 

The Air Force launched the program in 2019 with the intention of inducting all 178 T-1As in the Avionics Modification program, but later decided to end the upgrade program after completing 73 aircraft. 

All T-1As are being retired over the next three years as the Air Force moves to a simulator-only curriculum for pilots bound to fly mobility aircraft such as the C-5, C-17, KC-46 and C-130. 

For the avionics refresh, Field Aerospace installed the Collins Aerospace ProLine 21 avionics system, which includes a glass cockpit with four liquid crystal displays. The upgrade complies with an existing supplemental type certificate program for the Beech 400A, which is the civilian designation for the T-1A. 

Although reduced in size, the project was still the largest of its kind completed by Field Aerospace, a maintenance, repair and overhaul company with U.S. operations based in Oklahoma City. 

“We had done this type of work before, but not for the T-1A,” said Paul Berry, Field’s T-1A program manager.  Collins, Nextant Aerospace and Flight Safety International participated in the program as subcontractors.

Steve Trimble

Steve covers military aviation, missiles and space for the Aviation Week Network, based in Washington DC.