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Steve Trimble

Defense Editor,
Aviation Week Network

Stephen covers military aviation, missiles and space for the Aviation Week Network, based in Washington DC. 

Born in a U.S. Air Force family, he grew up on military bases around the world and came to Washington DC in 1997 to work for Army Times Publishing Co. as a journalist. Stephen helped launch the Military.com portal in 2000, then joined the editorial team for Aviation Week’s web site in 2001. He reported on the Pentagon for Aerospace Daily in 2002 and 2003. 

From September 2003 to September 2018, Stephen covered defense and aviation issues and managed staffs as the US bureau chief for Jane’s Defence Weekly and later FlightGlobal. He has covered aviation stories on six continents and several multiple awards, including most recently the 2017 Aerospace Media Awards honor for Best In-Depth Feature on the effort to revive Russia’s commercial aviation industry. 

RFP Reveals Main Thrust Of U.S. Counter-Hypersonic Plan 
The main thrust of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency’s counter-hypersonic strategy has just been revealed.
Croatian Leadership Revives Fighter Acquisition Plan 
The Croatian government has moved forward this week on a new plan to acquire a replacement for 12 aging MiG-21s scheduled for retirement in 2024 after the previous selection process collapsed amidst international controversy.
UH-60M Acquisition Likely Precedes Full Croatian ‘Hip’ Replacement 
An initial acquisition by the Croatian air force of four UH-60Ms is likely to be followed by more orders of the Sikorsky utility helicopter to replace the Balkan country’s fleet of Soviet and Russian built “Hip”- series helicopters.
NATO Opens Special Air Forces Training Center In Croatia 
NATO formally opened a four-nation training center for special forces air crews in Central and Eastern Europe in Croatia on Dec. 11.
Lockheed Completes First PRSM Flight Test 
Lockheed Martin on Dec. 10 completed the first flight test of the company’s candidate for the U.S. Army’s next long-range, ground-launched ballistic missile.
MiG Confirms High-Speed Combat UAS Project 
MiG Corp. has confirmed that a new family of high-speed unmanned aircraft systems is in development to partner with the MiG-35 and other manned aircraft during combat missions.
MD, Elbit To Develop Block II Upgrade For Armed Scout Helo 
MD Helicopters announced a partnership with Elbit Systems on Dec. 5 to develop a Block II version of the MD 530G armed scout helicopter with more advanced weapons and avionics.
Russian Navy Demos Air-Launched Cruise Missile Defense 
As the U.S. military develops and deploys a host of new anti-ship cruise missiles, a Russian admiral says a MiG-31 demoed an ability to shoot down such a threat with an air-to-air missile.
Czechs Sign Long-Delayed Iron Dome Radar Contract 
Israel Aerospace Industries ELTA will deliver eight ELM-2084 multimission radars to the Czech Ministry of Defense in a long-delayed, government-to-government deal worth $125 million signed on Dec. 5.
USAF Launches SAOC Replacement Plan For E-4B  7
The USAF has launched a new acquisition program to replace four Boeing E-4B aircraft with the Survivable Airborne Operations Center weapon system.
DOD Moves Forward On Ukraine Aid, Missile Sale 
The DOD has released all but the last $8.5 million of the $250 million military assistance package appropriated for Ukraine, part of $391 million in withheld aid that spawned the ongoing impeachment probe of President Donald Trump, a Pentagon official said on Dec. 4.
USAF Sets Up $490M Program For Counter-UAS Tech 
USAF researchers are setting up a $490 million, six-year program to rapidly develop, prototype, demo and transition multiple tech to counter small, commercial UAS.
Hypersonic ARRW Price Jumps 34% In Definitized Contract 
The Air Force awarded a $652 million contract to Lockheed’s Missiles and Fire Control unit for ARRW in August 2018, but that amount was a placeholder as the negotiators hammered out the definirized terms.
Leonardo DRS To Deliver New Air Combat Training Pods 
Leonardo DRS will deliver more than 250 P5 Combat Training System (P5 CTS) pods to the U.S. and foreign air forces under a $60 million contract.
USN Completes Final Mission By Active Duty P-3C 
The U.S. Navy has completed the final flight of the Lockheed P-3C Orion by an active duty squadron, closing out a 57-year era of maritime patrol flights by the four-engine, turboprop aircraft.

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