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Steve Trimble

Defense Editor,
Aviation Week Network

Stephen covers military aviation, missiles and space for the Aviation Week Network, based in Washington DC. 

Born in a U.S. Air Force family, he grew up on military bases around the world and came to Washington DC in 1997 to work for Army Times Publishing Co. as a journalist. Stephen helped launch the Military.com portal in 2000, then joined the editorial team for Aviation Week’s web site in 2001. He reported on the Pentagon for Aerospace Daily in 2002 and 2003. 

From September 2003 to September 2018, Stephen covered defense and aviation issues and managed staffs as the US bureau chief for Jane’s Defence Weekly and later FlightGlobal. He has covered aviation stories on six continents and several multiple awards, including most recently the 2017 Aerospace Media Awards honor for Best In-Depth Feature on the effort to revive Russia’s commercial aviation industry. 

U.S. Tests Key Tech For New Staged Rocket 
A key component in the U.S. Air Force’s strategy to develop advanced domestic rocket engines has completed testing, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) announced on Oct. 23.
GBSD Re-entry Vehicle Design Moves Forward As TMRR Phase Ends 
Lockheed Martin is moving forward with the design of a new re-entry vehicle for the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) program, the company announced.
Former French A-27s Join ATAC’s Bid For USAF Services 
As many as 30 former French Air Force A-27 Tucano trainers could be imported into the U.S. to support Airborne Tactical Advantage Company’s (ATAC) selection for the U.S. Air Force-contracted air services program.
Air-launched Missile Interceptors For Fighters Make Comeback 
A new type of miniature munition aims to change the way fighters protect themselves from incoming missiles
Adversary Air Pick Moves Top Aces To Seek F-16 Import OK 
Top Aces will apply to import 29 used F-16s to the U.S. after being named as one of seven companies selected to compete for a $6.4 billion U.S. Air Force program for adversary air and close air support services, a company executive says.
Burt Rutan Joins eVTOL Design Race 
Aviation and space legend Burt Rutan is designing a new aircraft, and it appears to use an electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing configuration eVTOL.
Burt Rutan Joins eVTOL Design Race 1
Aviation and space legend Burt Rutan is designing a new aircraft, and it appears to use an electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing configuration eVTOL.
U.S. OKs Possible AIM-120D Sale To South Korea 
The U.S. has approved a possible sale to South Korea of AIM-120D Amraams, foreshadowing introduction into Asia of the latest standard of the Raytheon air-to-air missile.
U.S. Army Confirms Budget, Status For MDSS 
The U.S. Army has confirmed the funding amount and status of the new Multi-Domain Sensing System (MDSS) program.
Hypersonic Weapons Reclaim The U.S. Army’s Long-Range Offense  2
New long-range weapons in development by the Army overtake roles now assumed by the U.S. Air Force combat fleet.
Skyborg Set To Test New Aircraft Design, Production Process 
Testing how an AI “brain” can control a fighter-sized aircraft remains the goal of the Skyborg program. But the first prototype will also serve as a guinea pig for a new approach to aircraft design and production, the AFRL says.
Engine Companies Await U.S. Army’s FLRAA Propulsion Choice 
Off-the-shelf contenders emerge as rivals to a nearly decade-old centerline engine development program for the Army’s high-speed replacement for the UH-60.
U.S. Army Sets Potential Range Target For PRSM 
The U.S. Army’s next tactical missile could more than double the range of the weapon it replaces in a smaller form factor, with the theoretical ability to strike targets at ranges up to 500 mi.
U.S. Army Lays Out Sweeping Vision For High-Altitude ISR Fleet 
The U.S. Army’s intel branch has started laying out a new vision for replacing the fleet of turboprop aircraft now performing the ISR mission with several layers of platforms stacked from tree-top level to low Earth orbit by 2028.
Lockheed: House Cut Delays Army Hypersonic Weapon One Year 
Fielding of the U.S. Army’s Long Range Hypersonic Weapon (LRHW) could be delayed by a year if a proposed budget cut by Congress is enacted, a Lockheed Martin executive says.

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