Space Force Unveils New Acquisition, Operations, Training Commands

Credit: U.S. Government

The Pentagon has finalized the U.S. Space Force’s organizational structure for echelons below the headquarters level, and has announced sweeping changes for the space acquisition structure.

The Space Force’s field echelons are dubbed field commands, deltas and squadrons. There will be three field commands aligned to specific mission focus area such as operations, acquisition, and training. The Space Operations Command (SpOC) and Space Systems Command (SSC) will be led by three-star generals and the Space and Training Readiness Command (STARCOM) will be run by a two-star general, according to a June 30 service statement.

Deltas will be led by an O-6 and organized around a specific function such as operations, installation support, training, etc., while squadrons will focus on specific tactics.

The SpOC is tasked with providing space capabilities for combatant commanders, coalition partners and the joint force. Space Force staff and operations elements located at Peterson AFB in Colorado will become SpOC headquarters. Additionally, there is an existing unit at Vandenberg AFB in California, dubbed Space Operations Command, that will be renamed a SpOC field command.

SSC will be in charge of developing, acquiring and fielding space capabilities. This includes launch, developmental testing, on-orbit checkout, sustainment, maintenance, and oversight of Space Force science and technology activities. The Space and Missile Systems Center, Commercial Satellites Communications Office and space systems program offices will transfer to the Space Force and form the building blocks of the new command.

STARCOM is designed to train and educate space professionals and the Space Force intends for the entity to be fully established in 2021. In the interim, the Space Training and Readiness Delta will be established at Peterson in July, and will serve as the parent organization for education, training, and operational test and evaluation units transferring to the Space Force this summer. 

Lee Hudson

Based in Washington, Lee covers the Pentagon for Aviation Week. Prior to joining Aviation Week in June 2018, Lee was at Inside Defense where she was managing editor for Inside the Navy.


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It is called "Space Training and Readiness Command", not "Space and Training Readiness Command", which would be "SATRCOM", rather than "STARCOM".