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Community Guidelines


Aviation Week is committed to publishing content that matters to aerospace professionals and those with an interest in the industry. Our community platform is free to use for registered users and we encourage a lively dialogue among you, our readers and our editors.

We read all of your comments and enjoy interacting with you. To ensure the debate about our content stays 'on topic', we ask our readers to follow these guidelines:

  • Focus on intelligent discussion of topics and keep it relevant. We will not tolerate persistent trolling, personal attacks of users, editors or any other individual.
  • Whilst we recognize that people hold strong views and are critical of certain governments or organizations, we do not tolerate xenophobia, racism or other forms of hate-speech. 
  • Respect other people's views. You may feel strongly about an issue that is published on our website and we welcome your comment and debate, but we will remove anything we consider offensive.
  • It's fine to reference external sites in the context of the conversation, but it is not okay to post links to external advertising. We will remove any posts that are obviously commercial or spam-like. 
  • We will remove any content that is in potential breach of copyright or is potentially libelous.
  • In instances where our moderators feel the quality of conversations on any particular topic has degraded beyond what we deem to be professionally acceptable for our subscribers, we will turn off the comments section on individual articles, and remove website access from offending users.

We take your comments and feedback seriously and we continue to do our best to provide a platform for intelligent discussion. If you have any suggestions or questions about any aspect of community participation on AviationWeek.com, please complete our Feedback Form

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