In recent years, Japan’s two main airlines—Japan Airlines (JAL) and All Nippon Airways (ANA)–have relied exclusively on Boeing products for their widebody fleets. That is set to change this year with Airbus twin-aisles appearing in increasing numbers.




The airlines both have received at least one Airbus widebody delivery this year, as ANA began receiving A380s and JAL accepted its first A350.




Although few in number in Japanese fleets now, Airbus widebodies comprise a significant share of future deliveries for JAL. The carrier has more A350s on order as well as a smaller number of Boeing 787s. Boeing 777Xs and 787s make up most of ANA’s remaining orders, however.




Airbus has already made significant inroads in Japanese narrowbody fleets, with A320-family aircraft operated by ANA and also by low-cost carriers. ANA has additional Airbus narrowbody aircraft on order, but the two major airlines both have greater numbers of widebody deliveries due as they continue their fleet refresh programs. JAL will eventually consider another narrowbody order.