Vast Majority Of New Engine Deliveries In The Next Decade Projected To Be For Narrowbodies | 在未来十年中,交付的新发动机将大部分用于窄体机

据Aviation Week Intelligence Network《2021年商用航空机队和MRO预测》中新发动机交付预测显示,2021-2030年间新型单通道商用飞机平均每年将需要2500多台发动机。

New engine delivery projections from the Aviation Week Intelligence Network 2021 Commercial Fleet & MRO Forecast reveals that an average of over 2,500 turbofan engines per year will be needed for new commercial single-aisle aircraft between 2021 and 2030. 


The vast majority of the deliveries will be for narrowbody aircraft—a share of 92% for the period, while the balance of 8% will be for regional jets.