APAC Defense Budgets Least Affected By COVID-19 | 亚太地区国防预算受新冠疫情影响最小

Credit: Tony Osborne

与全球其他地区相比,由于新冠疫情在亚太地区(APAC)产生的经济影响相对有限,因此《Aviation Week Network - 航空周刊》的分析师预计,短暂放缓后,整个地区的国防预算将在未来五年内继续以强劲的速度增长。

As a result of the relatively limited economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Asia-Pacific (APAC) compared to other regions around the world, Aviation Week analysts expect that defence budgets throughout the region will continue to expand at robust rates over the next five years, following a brief slowdown. 



In the longer term, continued economic growth combined with heightened regional tensions will drive further increases in the region’s defense spending with countries generally prioritising spending on new equipment in order to aid military modernisation.


The military aircraft market in APAC will also continue to enjoy strong performance. Aviation Week Network’s 2021 Military Forecast projects fleet growth will be fastest in APAC, South Asia and the Middle East, with one in three aircraft deliveries expected to be made to operators in APAC and South Asia.