Poll: Will the pandemic crisis boost business aircraft by bringing in new users to the industry?

PrivateFly, a UK-based broker, has been publishing a quarterly Private Jet Charter Trends report since 2016, but never before has CEO and co-founder Adam Twidell had to write one quite like the latest edition, covering the first three months of 2020.

While he remains confident that the data included speaks not just of PrivateFly but mirrors trends across the private charter sector, he is equally certain that the information to be included in the next edition, due in July, will paint a grim picture. 

Read more on the trends from the January-to-March report.

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“We are currently having double the number of inquiries we would normally have,” he says. “If restrictions were lifted today, we know there would be a huge surge. Often, people who fly private regularly would not do long-haul flights by private aviation: they would use private for short haul and look to airlines for long haul. But what we saw was that existing private jet customers were suddenly looking at the long haul instead of taking an airline.  

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